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He aha te mea nui o te ao. What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. Introducing key members of the Malcam Team.

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Fiona Gill

Manager Youth Development

Fiona grew up in Wellington and migrated to Dunedin in 2001 beginning work at the Malcam Trust. Fiona manages the youth development programs and her skills in youth work, counselling, and personal development bring a lot to people involved with the trust. She has a passion for and interest in working with young people from all areas of life and especially enjoys her work supporting and educating others on how to work with and build positive relationships with each other and young people.  

Fiona is very creative, working with her many mediums of art outside of her day to day role and uses her spark within the work environment whenever possible. 

Email: fiona@malcam.org.nz
Phone: 027 431 0252


Garth Hassall

Youth Worker - Dunedin

For the past twelve years Garth has been empowering young people to make the right choices for themselves. His main role involves educating young people about employment skills and working with groups developing/extending their leadership skills and personal strengths.

Garth was raised with practical skills due to both sets of grandparents being farmers.  This led to a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a solid work ethic of “just doing it because it has to be done”.

Garth is an avid sports fanatic, and still plays rugby during the winter months. He also enjoys tramping, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Email: garth@malcam.org.nz
Phone: 027 431 0264


Jethro Schreuder

Manager FarmHand and Youth Worker - Dunedin

Jethro has been working in youth development for the Malcam Trust for 7 years. Most of Jethro’s time is taken up with management and running of the Farmhand programme. When Farmhand is not being run or prepared for, Jethro works as part of the wider general youth worker team. When it comes to young people the glass is always half full with Jethro and he works hard to help youth prepare themselves for work, further education or whatever life might bring. Jethro uses a holistic, real world and relational approach when working with youth. 

In his spare time, Jethro is a keen online gamer, home handyman, lover of books, tramping, good company and good conversation.

Email: jethro@malcam.org.nz
Phone: 027 431 0265

Grant Gardens

Grant Heydon

Supervisor - Malcam @ The Gardens

Grant has worked outdoors for most of his life. He is resilient to all weather and has a wide range of skills and competencies necessary for gardening and surface maintenance. This includes a real talent for anything with a motor and a extremely high standard for quality finishes.

Grant works for the Malcam Trust as the Dunedin Botanic Garden Supervisor. That role requires him to work with, manage and train young people employed by the Trust to assist him with the maintenance of surfaces at the Garden. Grant teaches young people how to work and builds in them the confidence, skill base and work ethic to work anywhere else. Grant is often seen by the trainees he has as a father figure and feels very proud when his trainees move on from the Botanic Garden to full time employment.  

In his spare time Grant loves to fish, restore old cars, camp, play pool and spend time with his two sons.

Phone: 021 277 4175

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Guy Pringle

Co-ordinator Kowhai Grove

Guy is our Kowhai Grove Garden Coordinator. The seed for gardening was planted early on at home in the backyard and took shape while living in London after being involved in a rooftop community garden. Volunteering on different farms introduced him to Permaculture and the decision was made to return to New Zealand to share his experiences. Auckland had the need and challenge for someone to support numerous community gardens and manage a Garden to Table project for a foster care facility, which he gladly accepted. Now returning to his roots of Dunedin he looks forward to positively influencing local food production and creating healthy environments with various communities.

Email: guy@malcam.org.nz
Phone: 021 0286 4064


Ruth Ratcliffe

Manager Clutha Youth

Ruth was born in London and grew up in Essex. Her background is in drama, social, prison and community work. In 2014 Ruth made the move to the Malcam Trust where she now works as the Youth Worker covering the entire Clutha District.  Her enthusiasm, empathy and positivity help the trust succeed by collaborating with others in the community to support young people to be motivated and passionate about their future whilst allowing them to recognise and/or develop their resiliency to thrive in life. Ruth develops and delivers programmes for young people aged 12- 24 around issues such as self-confidence, anger, relationship, motivation, grief and loss and more. Ruth has seen first-hand the path a life can take when there has been a lack of positive regard or support so youth understand their individual strengths. She is passionate about young people realising their full potential and “flipping well going for it”.

Email: ruth@malcam.org.nz
Phone: 027 431 0263

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Connor Boyle

Events & Marketing Executive 

Having grown up in Portobello and then studying in Wellington, Connor is a man with many interests and diverse talents including climate science, growing and cooking food, writing and playing music, mindfulness and mental health, social enterprise development, and building interactive digital sculptures. His role here is to get more young people deeply engaged with what we do and he is leading the development of our youth centre. If you've got a passion or project which you think young people might want to be involved with, please get in touch with him and talk about how Malcam Trust might be able to make it happen.

Email: connor@malcam.org.nz

Phone: 0223942418


Desiree Williams


Once labelled a troubled youth Desiree understands the value of role models and the importance of young people being offered multiple chances to succeed. Desiree is motivated to work with young people and the communities in which they live to ensure youth realise their potential. With a background in Law and Education, her role is to knit together the many services of the Malcam Charitable Trust and drive the strategic direction of the organisation. 

Desiree is of Tuhoe descent and has lived in Port Chalmers for over 20 years, spending many of those years restoring her very old villa. You will usually find Desiree (often with her dog Barker) in our Jubilee Park premises. 

Email: ceo@malcam.org.nz 
Phone: 021572228

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Michelle Cone

Financial Administrator

Michelle has been the Trust’s financial administrator for a number of years, working closely with the CEO to ensure high quality cost efficient services.  She graduated from Otago University with degrees in English Literature and Law.  Michelle believes in the importance of education and enjoys seeing young people find their strengths.  When she isn’t trying to balance the Trust’s budget she loves spending time with her husband and their four children.

Email: accounts@malcam.org.nz

Phone: 027 464 0030