Our Trustees

He aha te mea nui o te ao. What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. Introducing the Malcam Trustees.

Sara Walton b

Sara Walton

Malcam Chair

Associate Professor Sara Walton graciously gives her time to Malcam taking on the significant role of our Chair.

Sara is a strong and passionate advocator for our young people/rakatahi.

Email: chair@malcam.org.nz

Philippa Murrell a 400

Phillipa Murrell


Charlene Rapsey a

Charlene Rapsey

Charlene is a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Otago. Her research and teaching are in the areas of sexuality, sexual abuse, and mental health.

Prior to working at the University Charlene worked with children, adolescents, families, and adults in primary mental health. She has some experience working with offenders.

A long time ago she taught drama to secondary school students.

She particularly enjoys working with children, young people, and their families and with male survivors of sexual abuse. In addition, areas of special interest include post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, sexual difficulties, and out-of-control sexual behaviours.

Ceri Warnock 400

Ceri Warnock

Professor Ceri Warnock course manages and teaches Resource Management Law, Energy Law and LAWS101 The Legal System, and also contributes teaching to Public Law and Inter-disciplinary Aspects of Climate Change.

Ceri has been a visiting lecturer at Kings College London, tutored at Hertford College, University of Oxford and prior to joining the Faculty of Law at Otago in 2006 practiced as a barrister in England and Wales.

Ray OBrien 400a

Ray O'Brien

Ray is the Head of Otago Polytechnic's Sustainability Office. He is committed to the big purpose of education: creating transformational change for a better world.

Ray's focus is on the integration of sustainable practice into programmes and practice across many disciplines and operational areas. This is achieved through capability development, learner experience design and innovative projects.

His current research is exploring how complexity theory can inform the design of opportunities for learners to maximise their global impact.

If he was to boil what he believes education should be into a few words it would be: authentic, action orientated, and purpose driven.

Colin Brown400

Colin Brown

Colin is Chairman of OmniEye and the founder of TracMap, a precision farming GPS guidance and job management system. Colin became one of New Zealand’s best known agri-tech business owners. He grew TracMap to become one of New Zealand’s largest agricultural GPS businesses, before taking the technology offshore, selling its Ag Aviation GPS system worldwide, and the ground based job management system into the viticulture and orcharding sectors in Australia and North America.

Colin began his career farming in New Zealand’s South Otago, winning the prestigious NZ Young Farmer competition in 1982, before going into agricultural and management consultancy. As a consultant, Colin had a reputation for turning research concepts into economically successful business enterprises. Much of TracMap’s growth and success to date can be attributed to the application of those same skills and expertise to growing the TracMap business.