Hive Dunedin

Young people are the future. And the future is tech.

Hive is an umbrella group designed by Mozilla which is dedicated to bringing people together around technology and the web. We are part of a larger constellation of cities around the world becoming Hive cities, guided by the Mozilla foundation. 

Hive Dunedin has 2 main functions: 

  1. To provide a community of people, industries, educators, and technologists enriching experiences by linking together to support, champion and grow together as a city with a technology focus. 
  2. To provide a base which offers opportunities for wide range of people to come and participate in creating with digital technologies in a creative and enriching environment. 

Hive cities share a passion for empowering people to engage with learning across a range of activities and platforms

We champion :

  • Designing and working in open and participatory ways
  • Applying "open source thinking" to social and educational innovation
  • “Connected Learning” as a set of principles and a broad theory of change
  • Iterative design, agility and continuous testing

We work to empower learners as co-designers and makers while creating shareable educational products. We place the learner at the heart of all our activities, what would you like to learn today?

For more information contact Connor Boyle at