Haere mai!

By Annika Korsten | Posted: Tuesday March 21, 2017

Welcome to Kowhai Groves inaugural, seasonal newsletter. We hope you all had a fabulous summer full of bountiful, delicious food and are now indulging in the abundance of autumn stone-fruit. At Kowhai Grove (KG) growth is slowing down, but it doesnt stop the busy gardeners from work. We are gearing up for winter/spring crops and planning for next season.

Now that Annika is at KG every Wednesday and Thursday (10am-3pm) the garden is getting more under control and we have had a huge amount of visitors in and out of the place.  

We have had a volunteer pop their head in each week and many ‘business’ meetings on site. The ‘kitchen’ has now been transformed into an office and once we have arranged our first shipping container we are planning to shift the workshop into it, so the ‘old workshop’ can be transformed into an education space and lounge.

On Mondays Annika has been busy packing veggies boxes between 10am-12pm. If anyone is keen to be part of packing the boxes in the future please get in touch. We’d love your company.

Enjoy our first newsletter of the year - plenty of food to digest ;-)

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