By Desiree Williams | Posted: Tuesday September 12, 2017

At Kowhai Grove we grow using organic principles and we want to share the love with our community.

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to buy certified organic compost in Dunedin, you know not just the stuff in the bag labelled organic but compost with certification that tells you where it came from and what its composition is?

Well we have found it necessary to look out of Dunedin to get the best certified organic compost at a great price and we have ordered a big pile which we now sell as a fundraiser.  This compost is lush and we can provide you with information to justify it as certified organic. We are grateful to Living Earth Compost in Dunedin and Nic from Hall Brothers Transport for the awesome deal. 

We have limited stock and selling at $120 per cubic metre or 40lt bags for $10. Check out our flyer for times and details. This compost will not last long!

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