Bikes @ Malcam

Working together with our rangatahi towards waste minimisation. 

Each year 500 bicycles go into landfill. Malcam works with rangatahi to collect bicycles from the landfill to restore and gift them. This programme has expanded to have after school sessions twice a week to cater for two different age groups.

All Rangatahi involved in this programme gain lifelong skills by learning how to maintain and care for a bicycle through learning how to use tools, maintain and understand the mechanisms of a bicycle.

The Monday sessions targets 12 - 18 year olds and the Tuesday sessions targets 18-24. The focus points for the younger group is on both hard and soft skill building, mentoring, safe tool use and workshop etiquette. The focus for the older group (who are primarily tertiary students) includes the above elements, but also promotes pro-social work in the community, and focuses on transport autonomy to promote cycling as a mode of transport for people within the age group. 

This programme is part of the wider community’s efforts to reduce waste by lessening the impact on the environment as the bicycles are either revitalised or recycled into scrap metal. This programme encourages the use of alternative transport avenues that has long lasting health benefits through exercise and waste reduction.

The through the feedback from rangatahi at the completion of restoring bicycles and the sense of accomplishment. The excitement and joy of the recipients of the bicycles. During 2022, the project had helped divert 1,100 bicycles from landfill since its inception in 2018 and engaged over 80 young people.

To find out more or join us in this fulfilling programme that lessens the impact of waste on our environment, please contact Alex.